Choose Your Experience

Experience 1: In-person cooking course (NO wine pairing)
Price: $65 (See details below)
Experience 2: In-person cooking course (WITH wine pairing)
Price: $85 (See details below)


Visiting Marrakesh soon? Come experience the unique flavors of Morocco through our in-person classes!

In this course, you will get to:

> Learn about Moroccan cuisine

> Cook a wholesome Moroccan menu

> Watch a dada prepare traditional Moroccan bread

> Be part of a traditional Moroccan tea ceremony

> Feast on the mouth-watering meal you prepared (with optional Moroccan wine pairing)

Additional Gifts in this Package:

  • Free access to visit the Culinary museum
  • Access to a free online course on the FOM platform
  • 30% OFF on all courses on Flavors of Morocco

This experience is available in English, French and Arabic.


The chefs teaching the in-person classes are Dadas, who are traditional Moroccan chefs with decades of experience in the field of cooking traditional Moroccan recipes.

Many of the Dadas learned the art of Moroccan cooking at a young age from their mothers and grandmothers. Today, these women are head chefs at large catering businesses and famous Moroccan restaurants.

Join the Marrakech experiences and watch the Dadas do their magic, and learn all their secrets for perfecting traditional Moroccan recipes at home.


The class is held at the museum of culinary arts, which is housed in a stunning Riad. The museum intertwines traditional Moroccan architecture with modern design, creating an atmosphere that transports visitors back in time.

As you wander through its captivating halls, you'll encounter interactive displays that will teach you about the amazing journey of Moroccan gastronomy.