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Kaab Ghzal or "gazelle's horns", is an iconic traditional Moroccan pastry that is widely known for its crescent shape and soft, flaky texture. It is a popular Moroccan dessert that is served during special occasions, such as weddings, Eid al-Fitr, and other celebrations.

Kaab Ghzal has a distinctive crescent shape, which is achieved by folding a thin layer of dough around a filling made from almond paste, sugar, and orange blossom water which give it a unique flavor and aroma.

This pastry has a rich, sweet flavor balanced by the slight floral notes of orange blossom water that complements the nutty taste of the almond filling. The texture is also noteworthy, as the pastry has a flaky-buttery, melt-in-your-mouth quality that is reminiscent of puff pastry.

Kaab Ghzal is typically served as a sweet treat after a meal or with mint tea during traditional Moroccan tea time.

If you want to try it, follow the dada’s instructions in the video and be prepared for a delicious and indulgent pastry that will leave you wanting more.

Special tools / ingredients: All ingredients are easily available in supermarkets or online stores.

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You do not need special tools or dishes to prepare this recipe.



- Moroccan Gazelle Horns (Kaab Ghzal) detailed video tutorial
- A PDF document with exact measurements and detailed steps of the recipe

- The course video is provided with English voice over and subtitles as well as Original Audio in Moroccan dialect with English subtitles
- PDF documents are in English


Dada (Chef) Najat is a master Moroccan chef with more than 10 years of experience under her belt.

She first learned to cook from her mother, who was a personal chef for over 40 years, and who taught her the art of Moroccan cuisine.

Chef Najat then went on to graduate from one of the top Moroccan culinary schools before she worked as a chef and a recipe developer. Today, she runs a catering business in the capital city of Rabat.