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If you are looking for healthy, well-balanced, and delicious salad, look no further, this Moroccan orange and lettuce fruity salad is the one! 

This salad combines fruits, lettuce, and nuts. 

In one bite, we can find the sweetness of oranges, the crunchiness of the apples, and the nutty taste of walnuts. 

The sauce is naturally sweetened with honey and seasoned with cinnamon, which is a surprise for people who have never tried such a combo of flavors. Make sure to let all the mixed ingredients rest well in a bowl for at least 30 minutes before serving, which allows the magic of the ingredients to unfold. 

This salad is mostly served cold and can be a perfect snack or side dish for a vegetarian or meat course. 

Special tools / ingredients: All ingredients are easily available in supermarkets or online stores.

You can also find all the essentials of Moroccan cuisine in the Flavors of Morocco Amazon store.

You do not need special tools or dishes to prepare this recipe.




- Detailed video tutorials for orange and lettuce salad.

- PDF document with exact measurements and detailed steps for orange and lettuce salad.

- An exclusive free e-book with 16 Moroccan Salads and Smoothie recipes.

- The course videos are provided with English voice over and subtitles as well as Original Audio in Moroccan dialect with English subtitles
- PDF documents are in English


Dada (Chef) Najat is a master Moroccan chef with more than 10 years of experience under her belt.

She first learned to cook from her mother, who was a personal chef for over 40 years, and who taught her the art of Moroccan cuisine.

Chef Najat then went on to graduate from one of the top Moroccan culinary schools before she worked as a chef and a recipe developer. Today, she runs a catering business in the capital city of Rabat.