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Harira is the most famous Moroccan soup. There are different variations of the soup, but no matter how it's made, it remains a must on every Ramadan table. You can also find harira all year around at homes, street food stalls, and restaurants.

This soup is considered a full meal-in-a-bowl because it contains a variety of vegetables and legumes. The texture of the harira is obrained thanks to the rice and the unique technique of ‘Teddouira’ (thickener), which is a flour and water mix that is added in the final cooking stages to thicken the soup.

Harira fits different dietary preferences, in this course, the dada is making the vegetarian version, however, it can easily be made vegan, by removing the smen (fermented butter).

Special tools / ingredients: All ingredients are easily available in supermarkets or online stores.

You can also find all the essentials of Moroccan cuisine in the Flavors of Morocco Amazon store.

You do not need special tools or dishes to prepare this recipe.




- Vegetarian Harira detailed video tutorial

- A PDF document with exact measurements and detailed steps of the recipe

- Moroccan Bread (Khobz) detailed video tutorial
- A PDF document with exact measurements and detailed steps for the Moroccan bread recipe

- The course video is provided with English voice over and subtitles as well as Original Audio in Moroccan dialect with English subtitles
- Bonus videos are provided with English voice over and subtitles
- PDF documents are in English


Dada (Chef) Siham is a professional Moroccan chef with over three decades of experience under her belt. She is a true walking archive of Moroccan culinary knowledge and history.

Chef Siham learned to cook from her grandmother, who encouraged her to attend the best culinary institute in Morocco.

After graduating, she worked as a chef at multiple renown institutions before starting her own business. She has now been running a major catering service in Fez for over 2 decades, supplying weddings, baptisms and other special occasions with authentic Moroccan dishes.